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                                                                                                               The “EMV CHIP DEBIT CARD”

           has ARRIVED!



We know you have been waiting for this, and we have too: By December 28, 2017, all Lenco Credit Union debit cards will be replaced with EMV chip cards. Like all consumers, Lenco members have been hit hard with fraudulent activity on their debit cards. The EMV chip will not stop 100% of fraudulent transactions, but it will prevent the majority and we believe that’s reason enough to invest in this technology (we upgraded our VISA cards with the EMV chip in 2016).

If you have received your EMV Chip Debit Card, please follow the instructions below:

  1. A few days after you receive your replacement debit  card, you will receive your pin number.
  2. Please activate your card and use immediately.
  3. Once you know your new EMV Chip Card is working properly, as a ATM Card and Debit Card, please destroy old debit card.
  4. On December 28, 2017 – All old debit cards (with out the chip) will be deactivated and no longer work.
  5. Note any merchants that are currently charging your Lenco debit card on a recurring basis (monthly, annually, etc). Please remember to update them with your new card information as soon as possible so that your payments to them will be uninterrupted.

If you have any questions concerning this timetable, or the EMV chip card, please contact our office at 517-263-0851 or email us at lenco@lenco.org.


When should activate your new card? 
Immediately.                                                                                                                                                                         Do you need to sign the back of the card?
Yes. You still need to sign the back of your card.
Can an EMV chip card be used to make purchases online or by phone?
Yes. There is no change to that process. Chip cards can be used to make these purchases the same way as is done today.
Can EMV chip cards be used at an ATM?
Yes. For ATM transactions, you will insert your card into the terminal and follow the instructions on the screen. Depending on the type of ATM, you might be prompted to re-insert your card. You will leave the card in the ATM until the transaction is complete and the card is released. Then you will remove your card and any money you might have withdrawn.
Will EMV chip cards prevent data breaches?
While EMV chip cards won’t prevent the types of large-scale data breaches that have hit some merchants, they do make it extremely difficult to produce counterfeit cards from that stolen data
Can cardholders be tracked with their EMV cards?
No. EMV chip cards contain no tracking information.
Can cardholders use their old card?
No.  All old Lenco debit cards will be deactivated by December 28, 2017.  


Protecting our members is our highest priority!


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