Phone Contacts

Local phone number to contact Lenco Credit Union 517-263-0851 (use this number to contact the branch also)

Toll-free number to contact Lenco Credit Union 1-866-90-LENCO (1-866-905-3626)

  • Extension 101 Receptionist
  • Extension 103 Ben Neal, President/CEO
  • Extension 104 Wayland Echelbarger, Vice President of Operations
  • Extension 106 Heather Henagan, Loan Officer, Main Office
  • Extension 107 Carrie Armstrong, Loan Auditor
  • Extension 108 Jennifer Adams, Collections
  • Extension 121 Customer Service – Branch Office
  • Extension 123 Patty Lockhart, Office Manager Main Office
  • Extension 125 Linda Benschoter, Vice President of Mortgage Lending
  • Extension 126 Eileen Loveland, Vice President Lending, Branch Office
  • Extension 128 Aarika Bates, Mortgage Originator, Branch Office

Fax number for Main Office  517-263-1609               Fax number for Branch Office  517-263-9139


To activate a new Debit or ATM card  1-800-466-0040

To report LOST OR STOLEN DEBIT AND ATM CARDS  1-888-241-2510


To activate a new VISA credit card  1-800-543-5073

To report LOST OR STOLEN VISA CREDIT CARDS 1-800-543-5073

You may only cancel your cards through this number or contact Lenco Credit Union, or you may deactivate your card through our Mobile APP.

To order a new card please contact Lenco Credit Union directly at 517-263-0851.