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Loan Rates - Effective Friday, March 22, 2019
Loan TypeRates as low asTerms/Information
2019-2020 Auto Up to 72 Months2.890%* The Lowest Rate In Town!
2019-2020 Auto Up to 78 Months3.090%* Now Up To 78 Months!!
2016-2018 Auto Up to 66 Months2.990%* What A Great Rate!!
2016-2018 Auto Up to 72 Months3.090%* Drive one off the lot today!
Used Auto 2015 Up to 72 Months3.890%* Apply and sign today!
Used Auto 2014 Up to 66 Months4.390%* Financing Available On Line!!
Used Auto 2013 Up to 60 Months4.890%*APR We Are Right Next To Local Dealerships!
Used Auto 2012 Up to 54 Months5.390%* Great Rates On Used Vehicles!
Used Auto 2011 Up to 48 Months5.890%*APR Visit Branch for Convenient Financing!!
Used Auto 2010 Up to 42 Months6.390%*APR Drive one off the lot today!
Used Auto 2008-2009 36 Months6.890%*APR Great Rates and Terms!
Used Auto 2007-Older 24 Months7.390%*APR Drive one off the lot today!
VISA Classic- As Low as 15%15.000%*APR - No Transfer Balance Fee
VISA Gold- As Low as 12%12.000%*APR No Cash Advance Fee
VISA Platinum-As Low as 7.99%7.990%* APR * - No Annual Fee
12 Month Unsecured Loan9.250%*APR For emergencies or vacations!
24 Month Unsecured Loan12.250%*APR - For those unexpected emergencies!
36 Month Unsecured Loan15.250%*APR For Just About Anything!

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

Your Actual APR (Annual Percentage Rate) will be based upon your individual credit worthiness, loan amount, term of loan, and applicable prepaid items. Lenco Credit Union uses a managed credit program. Check with our Loan Department for current loan rates.

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HELOC Loans have a $10,000.00 minimum. Visa requires annual use of card or a fee may be imposed.