Fee Schedule and Check Negotiation Policy


Effective 1/5/08

It is the policy of this credit union to cash checks for individuals under the following guidelines:

Credit Union Non Members: Only checks drawn on Lenco Credit Union member’s accounts will be cashed for non-members. The individual presenting the check must have proper identification (picture ID). There a $2.00 charge for this service. No other type of checks will be cashed for non-members. Credit Union Members: We will cash checks made payable to credit union members, subject to normal funds availability, for members that meet any of the following criteria:

  1. Aggregate share account balance of $100 or more OR
  2. A current Lenco loan OR
  3. A current Lenco VISA account OR
  4. A Lenco ATM, Debit, or Credit Card.

Members that do not meet any of the above criteria may cash or deposit the following types of checks, made payable to the member and subject to approval, for a $2.00 fee.

  1. Government issued checks
  2. Payroll checks
  3. Bank & Cashiers checks

We do not cash checks for members with a negative account balance or delinquent loan. It is our policy to NOT negotiate third party checks or checks payable to non-members. However, we will consider exceptions in the following cases:

  1. Non-member is accompanied by a member that is willing to endorse the check and has a 60 day average daily balance exceeding the amount of the check.
  2. Third party is a Lenco member with a 60 day average daily balance exceeding the amount of the check.


Effective 1/1/19

General Service
Travel Money Cards/VISA Gift Cards $ 5.00 / $ 4.00
Money Orders $ 1.00
Cashier Checks (1 free per month) $ 1.00
Fax & Photocopies per page $ 0.25
Domestic Wire Transfer In/Out $   5.00 / $ 20.00
Foreign Wire Transfer In/Out $ 10.00 / $ 40.00
Phone Transfer (5 Free Monthly)

Returned Statement/Mail Fee

Reopen Closed Account (with cause) and (without cause).

Escheats Fee – After 3 Years

Non-Member Check Cashing Fee Per Check

Garnishment/Legal Process Fee

Notary Service

$ 5.00

$ 2.00

$20.00 / $10.00

$ 50.00

$ 2.00

$ 25.00

Free to Lenco Credit Union members

ATM Service
CO-OP Network Transactions Free
All Other Transactions $ 3.00
Overdraft Charge due to ATM $ 25.00
Card Replacement/PIN Replacement $ 5.00 / $3.00
Draft Account Service
Checks Prices Vary
Check Copies and Duplicate Statements $ 3.00
History or Deposit Verification Printout $ 1.00
NSF Check Return $ 25.00
Overdraft Courtesy Check Pay $ 25.00
Savings Transfer To Cover Overdraft $ 5.00
Deposited Check Return Fee $ 10.00
Stop Payment Fee $ 25.00
Foreign Item Deposit $ 10.00
Balance Account Fee per Hour $ 15.00
Dormancy Fee – Monthly $ 2.00
Deposit Item Fee (50 free per month)

Coin Counter – Member Fee / Non-Member Fee

$ 0.01 per item over 50/month

2% / 9%

Credit Card Service
25-Day Grace Period on Purchases
Annual fee None
VISA Late Charge $ 10.00
VISA Over Limit Charge $ 10.00
VISA Replacement Card Fee $ 5.00
VISA Returned Check Fee $ 10.00